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1 stop popup - popup Creator makes your JavaScript popup in seconds!

Popup Creator makes your
JavaScript popup window
in seconds!

1StopPopup’s Popup Creator tool makes
JavaScript popup window code for you.

All you have to do is click, copy and paste.

This popup generator does it all.
First visit popup, front popup, pop under, exit popup, delayed popup, link popup, button popup,
mouse over popup, onload popup.

No need to look for other JavaScript Popup tools!
1stoppopup’s Popup Creator (popup generator) is the solution
to your JavaScript popup nightmares!

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If you already know a little bit about JavaScript, and
do regular popups, go to the... Popup Creator tool page.

What are JavaScript Popup Windows?

For the uninitiated, a popup refers to a secondary, usually smaller window that loads on top of the main window, and contains a separate HTML document inside of it.

JavaScript popups are web pages, the exact same type of web pages that we find all over the Internet, but with one slight difference: when a popup window creation is done through JavaScript, you can control the look and feel of the new window.


With JavaScript you can create
all sorts of popup windows:


First visit popup

A First visit popup is a JavaScript popup window that shows up only once.

There are 3 types of First visit popups:

Only once per browser session - to see the popup a second time,
   the visitor has to close the browser, reopen it, and come back to
   your page.

Only once in a lifetime - after it's first pop, the popup will never
   reappear, or only after xxx visits or days.

Only once every x days - after it's first pop, the popup will show up
   after a fixed amount of days (1, 2, 3 or more).


Front popup

A front popup is a plain, normal JavaScript popup that loads on top of
   the normal browser window.

Pop under

A pop under is a JavaScript popup that loads behind the main
   browser window.

Exit popup or On Unload popup

An exit popup is a popup that is created only when the visitor
   changes from one web page to another - i.e. he leaves the main
   web page for another page (on your site or another site).

Delayed popup

A delayed popup is a popup that loads after x amount of time.

Standard popup or Link popup

A link popup is a popup window that is created when the visitor
   clicks on a link.

Image link popup

An Image link popup is a popup window that is created when the visitor
   clicks on an image.

Button popup

A button popup, or form button popup is a popup window that is created
   when the visitor clicks on a button.

Onload popup

An onload popup is a popup window that is created automatically
   when the visitor comes to the main web page.

Text on mouse over popup

A text on mouse over popup is a popup window that is
   created when the visitor moves his mouse over a text link.

Image on mouse over popup

An Image on mouse over popup is a popup window that is
   created when the visitor moves his mouse over an image.


Why do we use
JavaScript popup windows?

Popup windows are usually used to:

  • Get people to subscribe for a mailing list or a newsletter list;
  • Get people to subscribe for a informational report or a mini-course;
  • Offer other sites that might interest your potential customers;
  • Show information in another window (a picture, a more detailed explanation on a subject, a form, etc.) without closing the main window.

Generally speaking, popup windows are used to build your potential customer list or to show something special while keeping the main window open.

JavaScript can be downright complicated
and for those of you who are new to web authoring,
these scripts can be very intimidating.
So what does the average person do?

They simply don’t use popups.

Many people like you
will encounter these problems when using popups:

  • You don’t know where to place the JavaScript popup code.
    Poor instructions can make your utilization of popups a horrendous experience.
  • A lot of JavaScript popup tools don’t do what you want them to do!
    Since you know nothing about JavaScript popup code, you can’t correct the code or merge two different JavaScript popups to get the final result you want.
  • Not knowing how to edit the popup code can be very annoying.
    After searching for days, you finally find the script you desperately want and now you don’t know how to edit all this code that looks like a close encounter of the fourth kind language to you. End result, you don’t use it.

These problems alone are enough to make anyone mad and want to forget all about popups.

You can’t reject the benefits of popup advertising. Popup advertising can easily increase your income by thousands of dollars if you use it correctly.

I am telling you!
Popups don’t have to be complicated...
I personally built this great tool for you:
Popup Creator!

Popup Creator will allow you to create popup code within minutes.
It is a simple browser driven popup software program, which literally does everything for you. It is designed to allow you to modify the code for a wide variety of popups without knowing anything about codes.

With Popup Creator, a real javascript popup generator, you can literally create a popup window — how you want it and where you want it — in less than 2 minutes.

All you have to do is click on a few check boxes, and Popup Creator does the rest. It makes all the code for you. All you have to do is copy and paste. That’s it!

popup generator screen picture
Click here for a larger screen shot
of the actual popup generator software.

(Note: the above link is a popup! — a link popup, and all the code to create it was done with Popup Creator!)

All you have to do is to fill in the configuration details for your popup window, click the 'Create Code' button to automatically generate the popup code you need and test as you go with the 'Test the Popup' button.

Once you are happy with the popup window's look and feel, just copy and paste the popup code onto your web page!

Click here for a working Demo of the
Popup Creator Software.

Unstoppable Popup Creator!

A dhtml popup that the popup blockers can't block!

More JavaScript Popup information --->


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