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1Stop Unstoppable Popup Creator
Make popups that popup blockers can’t block! 3 unblockable popup generators -- including a Focus generator

"How this amazing little secret - that took just MINUTES to add to my web site - increased sales 152% and won 76% MORE subscribers... in less than 24 hours!"*

Warning: If you are still using the same tiresome popups on your web site, YOU MAY BE LOSING BIG MONEY...

When I discovered this mistake and replaced my old popups with this powerful new unstoppable popup system, my sales increased 152% - and 76% MORE people subscribed to my eCourse... all in less than 24 hours.*

If I was still using my old popup system, I would have lost a lot of sales in 2004. Don't let this happen to you...

* The testimonials, examples, and cases used are outstanding results, which do not apply to the average purchaser and user, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve identical or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his background, enthusiasm, desire, dedication, and motivation.



From: Dominique Peladeau
Publisher, 1Stop Unstoppable Popup Creator
886 de L'Epee ave.
Outremont, QC, Canada
H2V 3V3

Dear Internet Friend,

I have been doing and using them for quite a while now, and a very select group of marketers has also been profiting from this strategy. It has been criticized and disregarded by the average e-business owner.

I'm referring to popups. It’s a fact, popups ARE an extremely powerful tool for instantly increase your sales and dramatically boost the number of subscribers to your courses or newsletters.

(And it's not my fault they are so successful, so —please— don't send me angry emails complaining about it... )

How do I know popups work? Because:

  1. Just ONE of my Focus popup promotions that appears on a few of my web pages created an extra $3,727 in profits last year.*

  2. Until recently, just ONE of my popups has been responsible for adding an extra 400 new subscribers* to my opt-in list every single month...

... And the crazy thing is, I haven't changed the content in these popups in over three years! They've both just keep on working and working, and I've been too busy working on other things to worry about them... until rencently.

Case studies*

"Personally I HATE POP UPS! But based on my tests, they increase my sign ups by 57%."

Michel W. Duguay


"It's a Marketer's dream tool."

"When we first created our web site, we were averaging about 10 to 15 subscribers a day. We needed a way to increase this number, so after some research on how other sites increased their lists quickly, we soon found out that all the sites we believed were making good money at the time had one thing in common: They all had popups."

Phil Thompson


"Increased our sales by $300 - $500 per day, and was one of the smartest moves we ever made."

Marlon Sanders

* The testimonials, examples, and cases used are outstanding results, which do not apply to the average purchaser and user, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve identical or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his background, enthusiasm, desire, dedication, and motivation.

And I've seen it myself, when used —properly—, popups can have a very positive and profitable impact on the growth of your business.

*Earnings Disclaimer

How you can profit from my stupid mistake...

Remember how I told you that, until a few months ago, just ONE of my popups has been responsible for adding an extra 400 new subscribers to my opt-in list every single month... And how just ONE of my popup promotions that appears on only four of my web pages generated an extra $3,727 in profits last year?*

Well, it's true... I do —get— these kinds of results.

However, while the sales and opt-ins have remained very consistent from these popups over the last year, my conversion rates on them have been slowly going down... down the drain... in fact.

Crazy! My web site traffic increased, but my sales and opt-ins stayed the same. And I didn't notice because I was only looking at TOTAL subscribers and TOTAL sales. Oups!

What was the problem? "Popup blockers".

And when you know that I sell regular popup software... Ouch!

At first, I wasn't afraid that pop-up "blocker" software would harm my sales. After all, this type of software could actually have a negative effect on your surfing experience.

(Pop-up blocker software blocks stuff you WANT to see like regular popups where you enter information like usernames and passwords, or permits you to see "bigger" images of thumbnail photos... and a lot more.)

And second, I knew that many of these "free" popup blockers come packed with dangerous "spyware" that people typically do NOT want on their computers.

And then things started to change...

The "Big Guys" like Google, Netscape, and AOL were
kidnapping my customers and subscribers!

Google... Alexa... Netscape... and AOL... have all released their own FREE versions of "pop-up blocker" software included in their FREE toolbars.

With these, the average person has no idea that they are installing "pop-up blockers" when they download the toolbars and browsers offered by these web giants.

Did you know that when the average person installs the Google Toolbar, for example, they have NO IDEA that the "popup blocker" is already switched on?

Finally, Microsoft decided to put a "pop-up blocker" in Windows XP.

This made me mad! I certainly wasn't going to sit around and let Microsoft, Google or AOL dictate how I present my web pages to my customers and subscribers!

So I invested my time in a popup system that's been carefully designed to PROTECT your subscriptions and sales from the popup blockers!

How does this popup system actually work?

I won't get into all of the technical explanations... But basically, it works by making your popup "float" in the same window as your regular web page, instead of making it appear in an entirely new window like regular popups!

The popup blockers —even Microsoft’s— have NO WAY of knowing a popup is even there because, to them, there is NO POPUP. Your web page is a regular web page! (It is!)

Obviously, this "Unstoppable Popup Technology" is extremely effective, and I was really excited when I first heard about it. But… the web sites that were selling this specialized popup software were charging an arm and a leg for it…

Well… I’m a programmer, so I made mine! And I decided to make it affordable too! And I made it with even more advanced capabilities.

Choose from THREE unique unblockable popup
styles that slide in —or not— to instantly
GRAB your visitors' attention!

The Unstoppable Popup Creator software gives you the power to create ads that are far more appealing than the typical boring popups you see on every other web site.

For example, imagine having an unblockable popup that suddenly "drops" down from the top of your browser window before coming to a stop in the middle of your screen!

Wouldn't that grab your visitor’s attention?

It sure grabs mine! And I know from tests that this "Drop" unblockable popup ad has been working like mad. Subscriptions skyrocketed 66% during the first 24 hours* I tested this unstoppable ad, and they've continued to steadily climb ever since.

And this is JUST one of the three unstoppable popup window styles you'll be able to choose from with Unstoppable Popup Creator... You'll also be able to create ads using:


1. The "Classic" Unstoppable popup window Ad... This popup "looks" like a regular popup window, but it actually includes the ability to be "dragged", making it easy to read and move.

This popup can be centered or be positionned where you want it on the web page. You can modify the color of the title bar and the text and color of the text in the title bar.

The content can be what you want: pictures, text, even forms... Click here for an example.

Classic Unblockable popup example


2. The "No Title Bar" Unstoppable popup window Ad... This popup has no title bar. You have complete control over it's look!

You have seven border types to choose from and all the web colors can be applied to them! Like the Classic popup, it can be centered or be positionned where you want it on the web page.

The content can be what you want: pictures, text, even forms... Click here for an example.

No Title Bar Unstoppable popup


3. The Image Link Unstoppable popup window Ad, also known as a focus ad... This popup is just an image! Well... not just any type of image. It can be a transparent image that you can click on! And once you click on it... Presto! You are transported to another web page.

The best feature of the Image link Unstoppable popup window is that
it can accept 32 bit pngs with alpha transparency!

Image link unstoppable popup example

Just imagine what Leonardo would of done with it! And what you can do! ... Click here for an example of the results you get with a Focus generated ad.

This last feature alone is just plain incredible! Your imagination will know no bounds!

... No matter whether you're an Internet beginner or an e-commerce expert, publishing eye-catching, professional popups is surprisingly simple with the untopppable popup creator...

In fact, the first step you'll take is choosing WHICH of these three wizards you'd like to use! With these tools you'll have...

The potential to increase YOUR subscriptions and profits at EVERY stage of your sales process...
from first visit to repeat visitors and purchases!

Most business don't realize that there is more than ONE way to use unblockable popups to increase your subscriptions and sales. The truth is, any offer or presentation you can dream up for your web site can typically be put in a unstoppable popup and tested for an even BIGGER impact!

For example, you can...

... and this is only a small fraction of the ways you can use popups to increase your profits and sales.

You don't need to know a THING about JavaScript programming... All you have to do is click on a few check boxes, and the Unstoppable Popup Creator Wizards do the rest. They make all the code for you. All you have to do is copy and paste. That’s it!


Step #1:

Choose the style of the unstoppable popup you want to create: Classic popup, No-Title Bar popup, or Image-Link popup (also known a Focus generator). If it’s the Classic, you will go through the following steps…


Step #2:

Decide what width your popup will be and where your popup will "appear" on the viewer's screen (or just let the wizard center it for you).

  Step #3:

Choose the "title" for your popup, which will appear in the title bar (at the very top of the popup), decide what color you want the title bar and text to be! This never takes me more than a few seconds to decide!

  Step #4:

Decide what color you want for the popup border, the width of the border and the style (solid, dotted, dashed, double, grooved, ridge, inset or outset). I just love to play with those settings!

  Step #5:

Choose if you will make your popup slide from the left, from the top or just “appear” without sliding in.

  Step #6:

Add your content (pictures and text) using the HTML editor of your choice. Or copy & paste content from an “existing” popup that you'd like to replace with an unstoppable one!

  Step #7:

Add the finishing touches...
Unstoppable Popup Creator’s Cookie based popups allows you to Control how many times a visitor will see your popup:

  • Only Once per session: Your visitor will only see the popup once while they keep the same browser open. If they close the browser, and later revisit your site, they will see the popup again. This is a useful setting to avoid annoying your visitors while maximizing the benefit of the popup to your business.
  • Only Once in a lifetime.
  • Now, and then Repeat after x days (1, 2, 3 or more days, you decide).
  Step #8: Decide if you want to set a Delayed entrance popup (the popup will appear only after x seconds)

... Now you're ready to add Your unstoppable popup to your web site!

Click here to see what the Classic Unstoppable Popup Creator looks like.


The popups created by the Unstoppable Popup Creator have been tested on:
Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7, Opera 7, Firefox 1.04, Mozilla 1.7.8
Safari 1.2, Internet Explorer 5.2, Netscape 7, Opera 7, Firefox 1.04, Mozilla 1.7.8, iCab 2.9.8

Since the Unstoppable Popup Creator is browser driven, it is compatible with Windows and Macs! All you need is a computer (Windows or Mac) with a browser!

Add unstoppable popups to your web site
(in as little as 5 minutes!)
... even if you don't know JavaScript!

Generally, this is the point where you're left alone to figure out the most complex part — actually adding the popup to your webpage!

That's why I made this part of the Unstoppable Popup Creator cristal clear. It is CLEARLY designed with instructions that you can follow easily: All you have to do is copy and paste. As long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit your web page, you can use the Unstoppable Popup Creator Wizards to add popups to your web site in just a few minutes.

All the JavaScript code is literally all prepared for you, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions about where you need to put it so that it WORKS! Its simply a Copy and Paste operation.

There's no fuss, no hassle, and positively no confusion.

You even get example files of the three main unstoppable popups so you can see first hand how it is done!

If you fulfill the following criteria you can use the wizards without difficulty:
• You know how to edit the HTML of your web page
• You know how to copy and paste.

The generated code is search-engine friendly!

The main part of your unstoppable popup will be placed at the end of your web page where it can do no damage to your search engine positionning.

You will be able to install popups just like the ones used by big Internet marketers — and if they're using them, you can be sure they are tried and tested profit-makers.

And you can let your imagination go wild!

You Can Use Any HTML, Images, Text or Anything Else You Would Put Inside An Old Style Popup
and more!

Thats right! You have complete control over your unstoppable popup. It can even contain subscrition forms. Also, and this is very rare, you can use 32 bit pngs with the image link popup wizard! This means that you can have transparent images! Unlike the competition, you can put your own images! These Focus Popups are very powerful.

Three powerful bonuses that can help you
with your unstoppable popup campaigns.

Look, I won't lie to you...

Your popup campaigns will only ever be as good as your written sales copy. But before your killer copy can act, you have to get your visitors attention!

That's why, for a limited time ONLY, I've decided to throw in a few "extras" that are going to help you design popup campaigns that YOUR visitors won't be able to resist!

Super Bonus #1 (Not Available at ANY Price):

"Five Unstoppable Popup Images (32 bit PNGs)
You Can Outright Steal!"
With and without text, for a total of 10 png images!

The burst

The Gift


The Reminder Reminder


The Stop
and the Watch

All the images are 32 bit png's...
with and WITHOUT text on them.

You will be able to edit these images with Fireworks, ImageReady, or Photoshop.

Super Bonus #2 (a $19.95 value!):

The Popup Secrets eCourse!

The complete Popup Secrets eCourse delivered to you in one pdf file (Value $19.95)

After this eCourse you will be able to do popups like the pros - and
get results!

• Increase your sales.
• Increase your subscriber rate.
• Get noted by your visitors.

Super Bonus #3 (a $100.00 value!):

30 Day Free Email Support!

The Unstoppable Popup Creator software comes with easy instructions, help files, and live example files, so you can install the popup code easily... But I know many people may still be a bit nervous or have questions.

So I want to reassure you by promising that you'll have complete access to my email support. Whatever questions you might have, I am always ready to provide answers.

Here is just one out of many testimonials:

Hi Dominique
Many many thanks! :-) I wrote more in hope than anything and was delighted to get your very quick response :-)
Your solution works a treat and will save me much agony on my PC....
One very happy customer :-)
Kevin :-)

If you have any questions or problems, just email me and I’ll answer you within 48 hours (72 on the long week-ends). If you wish, I will even look at the code on your web site, just email me the URL of your web page. I must, however, advise you that you almost certainly will not need the email support - Unstoppable Popup Creator is that easy to use.

My 100% No-Risk, 30-Day
Money-back Guarantee:

I know that, despite everything I've shown you here today, you may still be skeptical. So to show you exactly how strongly I believe that the Unstoppable Popup Creator can help you, here's what I propose:

If you don't like the software for ANY reason (even if it's because you decide 29 days from now that you don't like the logo!), just email me within 30 days of the purchase date and I will personally refund every penny of the purchase price! No questions asked.

Start building Your "Unstoppable popups" and Your Focus popups in the next 5 minutes:

So now it's up to you...

Do you take a serious look at the positive impact Unblockable popups are having on the sales and subscription rates of other highly successful web site owners (people making $100,000+ per year!)... ?

Remember, though, my generous $24.95 offer includes two extremely powerful bonuses, absolutely FREE, is limited. I've decided that, once I've recovered my development costs, I will either discontinue this offer forever, or dramatically raise the price to ensure this popup technology remains "exclusive."

To get started with the "Unstoppable Popup Creator" in the next 5 minutes, choose one of the following options:

Option One:

Click here now to claim your copy of the "Unstoppable Popup Creator" for $24.95 You will receive download instructions for your software plus your three FREE bonuses immediately!

It's easy to order. Just click the PayPal link below.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


Option Two:

The Popup Creator AND the Unstoppable Popup Creator for only $5.00 more.

The regular Popup Creator : Click here for more info... and the Unstoppable Popup Creator!

Click here now to claim your copy of these 2 popup tools: the "Unstoppable Popup Creator" and the regular "Popup Creator" for $29.95 You will receive download instructions for your software plus your FREE bonuses immediately!

It's easy to order. Just click the PayPal link below.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

As a final note, the regular Popup Creator and the Unstoppable Popup Creator software is available via electronic download only. You will receive your download instructions right after placing your order.



Dominique Peladeau sig
Dominique Peladeau
Publisher, Popup Creator and Unstoppable Popup Creator

P.S. : Remember, you don’t want to waste time. This offer is limited and can change at any time. The only way I can guarantee you will get the price listed above is if you order now!

© Copyright (C) 2003-2013 by 1stoppopup. All Rights Reserved.
886 de L'Epee ave., Outremont, QC H2V 3V3 • Phone: 1-514-571-9747 (9-5 EST)

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